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Landlord address request is declined - please help

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Hi All,

I have vacated the rented property, but my deposit is not released yet. The agent tries to make significant unfair reductions and I am considering to take the case to the court. For this reason I asked the address of my landlord from the agent, which refused to give me stating that I am no longer tenant and have no right to obtain landlord’s address under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, Section 1. Instead they give me their office address and offer to send correspondence to them.

Can you please advice me if they are correct or not that my right to obtain ladlord’s address no longer exists?

many thanks for your replies!!

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The landlords details will be on the AST.  The agent is talking rubbish.  No need to threaten them with court action, find out where your deposit was registered and speak to them


There’s some information here on the process of disputing anything the landlord wants to keep in terms of your deposit. Basically, you need to find out which deposit protection scheme your deposit was registered with – the agent should have given you this information within 30 days of you moving in. You then contact that scheme and tell them you want to raise a dispute over the deposit return and they will tell you want to do next.

You can also get the landlord’s address from the Land Registry if you can’t see it on the tenancy (the Assured Shorthold Tenancy).


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