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Landlord breaking our privacy

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Hi guys,

As being said, landlords must give 24-hour notice before attending the property or rooms. So it happened, she came in my room in shared house with her own keys without telling me about this and as my laptop was recording for my room in case of burglars, she was caught on camera too. After this, she sent me an email saying that she went into my room to do something but could not go any further because of the mess (I was moving out and packing). This is not the first time and certainly not the last one I bet so is there anything we can do to make our landlord understand what the 24-hour notice means? We have tried all the ways to email her and tell her that.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi Catlove,

The law is very clear on this- a Landlord cannot enter your property without suitable notice. You are also entitled to deny access. Any breach of this is tresspassing and can, if you wish, be reported to your local police.

If your Landlord refuses to respect this then this is really your only course of action- although as you mention packing I beleive you are about to leave the property so there’s no much point taking up police time on this at this late stage in a tenancy.

Hope that helps

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