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Landlord charging for bill which isn't ours.

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We are living in student accommodation and have recently found out that we are paying for the electricity for a launderette which is attached to our house. Whilst we do use the launderette, we are only allowed to do so on a Wednesday and are charged £4 each cycle for the use of the gas and electricity which powers it. This launderette is used by at least 5 other houses, one of them with 10 tenants. We believe that we have been paying this electricity for each of the washes carried out by everyone living in these 6 houses. Does anyone know if we have a leg to stand on or if we can do anything about this? I have contacted the landlord but received a reply of ‘driveing.’, and haven’t had a response since. Furthermore, prior to this we have contacted her about the shower and the internet as neither of them work. Also the house has damp, mold and the plaster holding the stairs up is beginning to fall down. Is there anything we can do?

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Hi Michelle.

I’m sorry to hear about this.

Unfortunately, my main advice would be to leave the property ASAP. This is not a good situation and it doesn’t look to be getting better anytime soon.

You COULD take the legal route and take your landlord / landlady to court for having to pay for everyone else’s electric, BUT this would take time and money.

Do you have a contract? How long is the tenancy for?


How did you find out that you were paying for the electricity for the launderette?


Damp, Moult, etc… Is simple solution is you call the Environmental Health ensuring you tell them their is a Property Deficiency that is harmful to your health.

As for Laundrette, it comes down to the contract and what you agreed.
I am doubtful that their is not a separate meter to calculate each usage!

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