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Landlord charging for unnecessary repairs

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We have a pet chinchilla in our rented flat. The pet has nibbled round the skirting board and some of the door frame. Our landlord was not happy about this and is demanding the damage be repaired immediately. We have told the landlord we will be leaving the accomodation in the next few months, however they are insisting on coming in and making repairs to our flat now. They are also trying to bill us for the damage even though they hold our £600 security deposit. We have told them we are happy for them to keep the security deposit to cover any damage, but they are insisting on yet more money upfront so they can bill us for this damage AND keep the security deposit too. They are very unrealistic and expect us to pay to make the flat look the exact same as when we moved in 4 years ago.

My question is – can they legally send us the bills for these repairs when they hold our £600 security deposit? 

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The landlord is free to send you the bill and you’re free to not pay it.

It would then result in the landlord deducting the bill from your deposit. If you pay the bill now, your deposit should be spared, but since you have concerns, it might be wise to keep your stance until the end. 

Is your deposit protected in a government backed scheme ? It’s your landlord’s responsibility to protect your deposit when you move in, in order to prevent any abuse and mishandling of the money. 

If they haven’t, you’re entitled to compensation. 

Please download our guide and check for yourself –

If your deposit is already protected, you should worry less about the landlord keeping it for themselves unfairly, as the schemes provide very good resolution services for all registered deposits. 

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