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Landlord charging incorrectly for bills + deposit issue

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My girlfriend lives in a 7 bed student accommodation with other friends from her course.
The house comes with bills included. At £5 per person, per week. (For Gas, Electric, Water)
The house itself is an old victorian house. So large rooms and can get quite cold.
With this the house has gone over their bills, the landlord came back saying that each person owed £382. Which would come out of their £400 deposit.

To begin with the landlord provided no evidence of how they had gone over. So the house requested the statements with the usage from their time in the property. The landlord continued to be unhappy about this request, until one of the housemates threatened court actioned.

The landlord gave in and provided some of the statements.
The statements showed:
– Water bill for the entire year
– Gas and Electric for the second half of the year.
– Direct debit statements for the first half of the year

The issue they found was the evidence provided didn’t add up to £382.

One final attempt at clearing up the statements and landlord wasn’t able to provide any clear evidence.
After this I took in my own hands to contact all the suppliers the landlord had used over the duration of the tenancy, I explained the situation and they provided ALL the statements for the entire year.

As I thought I knew they had gone over on their bills but not by what the landlord had mentioned.

Each person had gone over by £230.11pp and not £382!

Now my first question is, can I take this evidence to the DTS agency, as the deposit is protected?

My second question is, some of the students in the house have stayed in the house for a second year.

They have already signed and their contract started in July. Last week the 18th September, the landlord requested for an additional deposit. As people staying on for their second year don’t have a full deposit.

However their contract’s have been signed, and from the landlords point of view and estate agent (In July) Everything was ok, Can the landlord request for more money?

If anyone can help, that would be fantastic!

*additional note, in the contract there is no statement at all saying they’d be charged a fee for going over on their bills.



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