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Landlord claiming i am responsible for rent outside of my tenancy agreement for not giving enough notice

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I am living in a shared accomodation and signed a shorthold tennancy agreement one year ago. The term on the tennacy is from 30 november 2014 to 30 november 2015.

They notified us a couple of months ago that the rent was not increasing and no one replied as we weren’t planning on staying. Then some communication happened on the 3rd of november where they realised we were not staying and apparantly they are very unhappy and are trying to say if they cant find tennants by the time we move out we are liable for the rent in december and will take it from our deposits if necessary.

They are essentially saying that our tennancy continues after the term has expired and we needed to give notice.

There is also this clause at the end of the contract which they are quoting.

Either party may bring the tenancy to an end at any time before the expiry of the term (but not earlier than six months from the commencement date of the current agreement) by giving to the other not less than two months written notice. Two months written notice must be given at any time throughout the tenancy in order to terminate the contract, even if the initial tenancy period has expired. This notice must also be in line with the rent due date (i.e. a tenant wishing to vacate a property on 01st July must give notice no later than 01 May) 


I took this to mean that the 2 months notice was required if we wanted to break early i assumed that it was their responsibility to arrange any extension.


What can i do here other than hope they find new tennants in time



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Hi Luke

Unfortunately, you do still need to give notice even if your tenancy is coming to an end. If no one gives notice then the tenancy continues a periodic tenancy, it doesn’t just stop, and that also requires two months notice. The only way to get out of any tenancy is to give notice at the right time.


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