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Landlord claims damages

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Hello Everyone 

we had been living in a property for the past 7 years that is from 2009 Feb to 2016 Feb . We moved into the property through an agent and later the agent shut down his business so we had to pay the rent to the landlady directly . We wanted to extend the contract for one more year but she said she wanted the property so she asked us to move and we did ..Now she has given us a bill for £5282 and claiming us for repairs and damages . We did agree to certain damages and we decided to let go of our deposit but when she claimed £5282 we were shattered . When we moved out we cleaned the property with professional cleaners paying them £560 . Inspite of that she says the fridge was dirty so she bought a new one . I’m totally heart broken and stressed and not able to concentrate on anything . Can anyone please advice me on how to proceed with this issue . Many thanks 

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