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Landlord denying on the commited inventory

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I am Sukanya Kambhampati. I have found the property through an agent. I have moved into a property on 21st Dec 2014 on a 1 yr agreement with 6 months fixed term. Because of official reason, i have to relocate from London to Birmingham and hence have given a notice of 1 month (20th May 2015) and vacated the on 21st June. As per the agreement, i have to give a notice of 2 months if vacating before 6 months which is ideally on April 20th but then I had no plans to vacate the house. When i was vacating the property on 21st June inventory check was made and landlord agreed with round of painting on 2 walls and steam cleaning for the carpet and rest all is fine. My Landlord has mentioned that he would deduct 1 month rent if he doesnt find a new tenant. Meanwhile i have requested landlord to collect the keys from my friend who lives in London as the landlord agreed during vacating the property that my friend would be the Point of contact for keys and other details. Now today when I have called him to check on the balance deposit amount he asked me to come down and handover the keys if not he would charge me the rent again. Also now he is stating new damages/losts in the property which were not mentioned during inventory check done on 21st June 2015. Its almost a month and now he is complaining about new damages in the property when I have vacated the property on 21st June 2015 itself.

There was a problem with boiler and landlord has sent someone to fix the issue and during this a small mark(so called burnt by the landlord) was made by the third party person which the landlord agreed to be handled during STEAM cleaning of carpet.

Please help me how best i can deal with this situation as he is trying to grab all the money left over 2 weeks rent.

I have given 6 weeks rent in advance and now is holding the rest of the amount and troubling me.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Sukanya

The problem here is that you haven’t given the required two months notice so the landlord is entitled to the rent up until 21 July. The only time he wouldn’t be was if he had agreed to surrender the tenancy in writing.

I’m not sure whether the fact that an inventory was taken changes things – the best option is probably to contact the tenancy deposit protection scheme that handled the deposit for the property (there are three, details here) and raise a dispute over the deposit. You can then challenge any money he wants to keep as he is stating it’s a deduction from the deposit. However, I’m not sure whether a scheme would find in your favour as part of the deposit can be held by the landlord for unpaid rent. It’s definitely worth contacting the scheme and seeing what they say – do it quickly as there is a time limit within which to raise a dispute.


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