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Landlord disputing deposit and refusing to say why

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I’ve recently surrendered my tenancy with the agreement of my ex-landlord.

She is a new landlord and was perfectly nice during my tenancy. The only problem had with her is that she had me sign the inventory without me checking the contents (naive, i know). For example, it said the hallway was laminated when it was carpeted. It also listed a lot of contents as new when they were not. I wrote on the original inventory my updated but she ‘never got round to updating it’.

I started to move my belongings a month before my tenancy ended so I could get the flat back in as good a condition as I received it. The day I moved the majority of my belongings she done a viewing, I’d explained to her already that on that day the flat wouldn’t be that presentable but she insisted. She messaged me that day to say she had done an inspection which I did not permit. (I was back at the flat the next day to find everything left there had been thrown in one room. I asked her not to enter the flat again whilst I was away.

She then repeatedly entered the flat without notice and without my permission, She even posted an abandonment notice on my door and threatened to make me pay for more months rent even though we agreed to end the tenancy early (It was agreed I’d only pay re-advertising fees).

I asked her to meet me at the flat the day before the end of my tenancy to see if there was anything I’d missed. She sent her dad and he said all was fine and that I’d get my deposit back in the coming days. he refused to go through the inventory with me
Since then I have requested my deposit back via the DPS and she has rejected it but has failed to say why and has not given me a breakdown of the costs she believes she has incurred. DPS have told me only the landlord can start the Alternative Resolution. Despite my emails to her, she has failed to make contact.

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Thank you.

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The DPS should have a single claim option, as it’s explained on their own website. Here is guide how to do the single claim procedure –

I would find back the guy who gave me false advice and demand to be allowed to use the single claim option, as you don’t agree on planned deductions, have not been given any breakdown of the costs, and have arguments against the validity of the inventories. 

By all means, this covers every eligible reason to raise a dispute.

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