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Landlord entering the property without me being present

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I am wondering if the landlord is allowed to enter the property without me being present and when I have specifically asked he wait until I am home.

I have offered him any day of the week after 16:30, friday after 15:30 and any weekend.

He seems to beleive that even without my concent he can come when suits him and all he is required to do is give 24hrs notice.

If anyone could link me to any legal statements that clear this up it would be greatly appreciated





No, the landlord can’t do that. In ASTs tenants have a right to quiet enjoyment of their home. This means that you have a right to live undisturbed and private life in your rented property. 

Access is exclusively controlled by the tenant and everybody who wishes to come in, landlord included, must post a 24 hour notice to your door. 

You can choose to allow access, when requested or not. Obviously, there are consequences if you outright deny your landlord access to the property. 

However, it’s very reasonable to reschedule a set appointment if not convenient, given that you provide reasonable times and dates for the visit to happen. 

Your landlord certainly can’t go against your will and walk in the property, especially if you preemptively told them not to. 

You should warn the landlord that you will consider any next unauthorised entry as harassment and trespassing. This should surely back them off. 

Here is our article on landlord harassment –

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