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Landlord give me the notice to quit

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Hello, on February 2016 , I signed an agreement of renting a room for 6 month. Everything perfect and in September 2016 the landlord give me the notice to leave untill the end of November 2016. Yesterday , 10 december I found a new room and I informed imediatelly the landlord that I will be moving on 21 November  . He told me that I cannot move because   I didn’t give one month notice and I have to pay to 10 december Even if I am moving on 21 November , is it that right? Thank you


That’s not correct. 

When your landlord serves you a Notice to leave (Section 21 notice), it acts as an invitation for you to leave by said date (end of November 2016). This gives you permission to move as soon as you see fit without the standard month’s notice.

Your landlord may not pursue you for a notice, or stop you from leaving. 

Here is more information on the topic:

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