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Landlord going back on what he agreed

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Hi. I really need advice please ASAP as the situation I’m in is becoming increasingly unbearable . To cut a long story short I have recently moved in house to which I thought was a working shower was there . But after moved in it was discovered that previous tenant had stolen pipe work , anyway after numerous phone calls landlord agreed installation of shower by end of October . It is now November and nothing has been done.  Letting agent has been trying to contact landlord but no response. I also have other issues with house.  Please , does anyone know what I can do next ? Can I send landlord to court ? It was on tenancy agreement that there is working shower in house .   I desperately need this resolved ASAP as I have a disabled child who is unable to use bath.   Many thanks for reading 

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hi having problems myself have now been advised to go to local council to report landlord  i dont recieve any benefits  but was told still inform council good luck


Hi D

If it’s in the tenancy then the landlord is in breach of the tenancy until it’s fixed. As far as I know (I’m not a lawyer) that would make the landlord responsible for any loss or distress and inconvenience you suffered as a result of there not being a working shower. If you could prove loss etc as a result of that breach then taking the landlord to court might be possible (a law centre might be able to provide you with more info). Even threatening to take the landlord to court could motivate them to do something about it. You might damage the relationship with the landlord by doing that but the new rules on protection from retaliatory eviction should stop them from serving you with notice as a result of complaints about repairs (check that with the law centre).

The answer above (Babs) makes a good point – that you can contact the council and ask for their help. You might also want to speak to Shelter to see if they can suggest action that would get a fast response.

I’m not sure if you’ve already done this but the first step is normally to put this in writing, a signed and dated letter sent by recorded delivery can be quite intimidating for the agent/landlord. Set out what has happened, quote the clause of the tenancy agreement that mentions it and then provide a timescale and a list of actions you want completed in that time. Provide information on why this is such an intolerable situation for you personally and set out the distress and inconvenience this has caused (use those two words too). Mention that you’re sending a copy direct to the landlord as well as to the agency. There should be a copy of the landlord’s address in your tenancy. Just in case this is the agents being obstructive, sending a copy to the landlord too covers all bases.



Hi. Unfortunately things have become much worse , after landlord first agreeing to install the shower is now refusing and is going to put house up for sale !!! Can she do that ? I signed tenancy agreement for six months which stops at April.   Please , any advice all this is making me ill :(.  Thank you 

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