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Landlord has locked me IN the house

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I am a subtenant of the tenant who rents this property. I rent the WHOLE house. All was fine until i received an email one day with him stating he would return from abroad in a few days and by the way i’ll be staying at the house. Well it all kicked off from there when i advised him he had no right to!! It then came baout that he had breached his tenancy with the letting agency by subletting in the first place. Since then an ongoing dispute has been going on with him stating he has never received rent from me depite my having proo of such. His legal reps seem to be taking his word for everything and disregarding the fact i do have proof. having had no joy with his first legal advice he has now moved onto another who a week ago wrote and stated i must leave forthwith!!! Long story short today there was a knock, i didn’t aswer as i never do when not expecting someone (this is London) anyway later that day my daughter calls round for us only to find i have been LOCKED IN!!! (I never had the deadlock key just the yale lock) There is so much to this debacle if there any questions I will answer….  surely this was a threat to my safety. IE: house setting on fire, how the hell would i get out?? Believe me there is no other way out other than jump through a window…

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Do you have a subtenant agreement and does the original landlord know about you? Subtenants have very few rights unless the head landlord has given permission for them to be there so it’s a difficult situation. This person’s legal representatives will, of course, take his side so I wouldn’t worry about that. 

In terms of being locked in, I’m not a lawyer but perhaps you could argue false imprisonment? It’s both a criminal and civil offence so you could call the police and also sue the person who locked you in (if it does apply). Even if you don’t take any action on that basis, it might be worth mentioning to the person who locked you in that they’re at risk of that. Make sure you keep copies of all correspondence. 

If this was me I would move as soon as possible, this person sounds like a nutter.


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