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I havre recently put deposit down for a house to rent with agency Savills, and their referncing agency is Landlord Hub.

I am so upset and shocked with the way they have handeled my referencing that is beyond believe.

They failed my referncing due to the fact that the headed letter that was asked by my empoyer, the logo was not in line????? This is why they have failed my referncing application.

I have filled in a complaint and noone have got back to me, even though I was told to ask the employer to resend the letter, and they received it on Friday, I am still in a loop of why is not been dealt with.

I am beyond upset and shocked, they received 6 months payslip, excellent refernce from my previous landlords as I have not been late even for one day with my rent.

They have a issue with the logo of the headed letter not being completly in line?????

I have waited for a call but have not had any response.

Is discgusting customer service with poor managment.

Anyone else had a bad experince?


Hi Valentina

I have not personally used them but as the admin on these forums I have seen complaints about them before. As a consumer you can make a complaint, both to Landlord Hub and beyond – there’s more information on how to do this here.


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