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Landlord increased rent by 50% then gave me notice

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My  landlord increased my rent by 50% , I have lived in my home for the past 20yrs started Assured shorthold tenancy 1995 …now it becomes complicated !!!! .My present landlord is the son of my original Landlord he took over in 2004 , and now we also have a different land agent. A SECTION 20 was issued before tenancy began .  The fixed period on the tenancy was 1yr …on the section 20 6mths.    My tenancy rolled into aStatuory Periodic Tenancy after the fixed term had ended .  No new tenancy had been signed since.  I am a single Parent/grandmother with a 14yr daughter ( who was born here), christened in the local church and we have become membesr of our community.  I am in receit of some help from Housing Benefit and have been for some time .  I am not in arrears and have always paid my rent.  Last November my present Landlord raised my rent by a whopping 50% an extra ……230.00pcm.  He did NOT use a section 13 notice, he just sent me a letter and i was told it was MY duty to sign it .i(F HE HAD SERVED THE CORRECT nOTICE i WOULD OF BEEN INFORMED OF MY RIGHTS TO APPEAL SUCH A HUGE INCREASE ….I DID NOT ….AND i DID NOT KNOW THAT I HAD RIGHT TO APPEAL AND REFER TO THE FIRST TEIR TRIBUNAL). In  all of the 20yrs I have lived here nothing …….and I mean nothing has been updated ….ever!!!! i still have the same bath i had when i moved in and have been asking for a new one since 2004. i have had no SAFTEY  checks …ever and he only installed a fire alarm last year(i have solid fuel heating) .  I had to refer the rent back to the local housing dept and had to wait for there response , kept my landlord imformed .  On May 1st i was given Section 21 Notice to quit ….I stayed until he produced his section 20 ….which he did and now i have been given to pack up the last 20yrs of our lives and go ……..where ?.    Does anyone know wether this is an umlawful eviction am I being harrased out of my home?…..I dont know what to do I have nowhere to go I feel bullied …harrased and extremeley upset …..please info if anyone can help.   Thank you 

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Hi Sheila

It sounds like a complex situation – it is probably worth getting some professional help. I would go and see someone at Citizens Advice or try a law centre to see where you stand on whether everything has been done legally and if there’s anything you can do. You could even try a consultation with a solicitor, the initial session should be free. It won’t be an unlawful eviction unless the proper process hasn’t been followed.

One thing you might be able to do is threaten to report the landlord to the Health & Safety Executive for the lack of gas and electricity checks – the fines can be up to five figures for particularly bad landlords. However, it does sound like your landlord wants you to move and has no qualms about forcing you out so it might be worth looking elsewhere – if you’re struggling then Shelter is a helpful source of advice.


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