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Landlord increasing rent due to having to uphold maintenance

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My landlord has had to replace our boiler after years of issues. He was unwilling to do this but was forced to by environmental health. He now wants to increase our rent specifically because he has claimed that the boiler has cost him “thousands”. Bearing in mind we have gone 6 weeks with no boiler in winter and have still been paying him rent is he allowed to do this? The new boiler was delivered on Saturday the 11th and has still not been completely installed regardless of us been informed it would be finished yesterday. 

Thank you. 



Unfortunately, the landlord is free to raise your rent without a particular reason or rather for any reason they wish. So long as the rent increase does not outrageously increase your housing costs and it’s the only one in the last 12 months. 

The landlord may not increase your rent during the fixed term, so if you have one, you have the right to decline at least until the fixed term expires. 

Congratulation that you successfully used EH to force your landlord to purchase a new boiler. Keep the spirits up. 

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