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Landlord inspection

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I am renting a room in a shared flat via an agency 

we got an email from the agency letting us know that the landlord required an inspection of the flat but on my email they told me that they need to convert my room into a living room by removing the bed and probably the wartrobe.

i replied to them that I didn’t agree with it as I was going to be away for work comitment and suggest another day. 

They replied that they will go ahead with the inspection as is the landlord request and it is on the contract. they gave the number on the contract to look at it but my contract doesn’t have that clause in it as it stops before so obviously I don’t have the full contract and therefore never sign for that clause.

An inspection is when they come and check that everything it’s ok with the flat but is there any law that the tenant has to agree if the agency wants to remove all the tenant’s belonging and keep them in a van while the inspection takes place? 

As a tenant,can I disagree with an inspection and propose another day so I can be present? What is my right as a tenant?

also it is illegal not to have a copy of the full contract?

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Hi Clem

Whilst inspections are common practise and I would not recommend declinng access without a good and fair reason you are entitled to refuse access regardless of what the contract says.

More worrying is that it is apparent to me that the agents have let this property with the lounge as a bedroom without any prior knowledge or consent from the Landlord. This is not only shocking professional conduct but also makes me suspicious that they have sublet the property for more rent than they have told the landlord, they are now trying to cover their tracks.

I would write to them advising that they do not have your permission to access the property without you present and, should they do so, you will immediately report them to the police for breaking & entering and tresspassing.

I would also state that you are happy to permit the Landlord access to inspect the property but only with you present. If I were you, I would try and get to the bottom of what is going on!

If you want to fimd out and dont mind spending £3 you can go to the online Land Registry, purchase the ‘title register’ for your property. This will show you the Landlords name. Check if this matches the name on your contract- if not, the docuement may be completely invalid. It may also have an alternate or home address for that Landlord- if so, you can write to him directly, explaining what has been going on, and go from there.

I would recommend setting up some sort of recording equipment in your room for the inspection day in question or see if a friend can hang out at your flat for you. If they tresspass after you explicvitly tell them not to- call the police immediately.

Hope that helps.

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