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Landlord insurance company suing me for accidental fire damage to flat

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fire was caused by candle in the kitchen I was rush to go out I forgot about candle and damage was done ,my landlord ask me to leave the flat until his insurer repair the kitchen after three months I moved back in and now after 8 months I received a letter third party asking me for compensation for insurer and I have 14 days to participate to pre action protocol before they proceed to court what can I do ? They want £32.000 from me 


Hello  Fery, 

I’m not a lawyer and I can’t offer you legal advice. If you’re being sued, I suggest you check out our resources page and see the various kinds of organizations and companies that can offer you free or low-cost legal aid and representation. !

You can find all our tenant resources in this link. 

However, from the way I personally see it – your candle, you light it, you left it – you’re going to pay for it. Sorry this is not the thing you want to hear, but I’m afraid that most of the responsibility will fall on you. 

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