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Landlord is noy keen to do repairs on time

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Hi,we live in a property for 5years and from the begining we have a little bit ptoblem with our landlord. He carried out all the necessary repairs but shower is the main problem,it’s leaking to kitchen every couple of months and he always send the plumber,but main reason is never sorted out as it might be too costly as it leaks throught the cracked tiles and it should be replacef fully or at least sealed. We found that it was a problem before we moved in as the letting agent said during discussion. We reported it over two months ago they sent a plumber but still no repair been done. We can’t use the shower cubicle but we have a bath. We paying a rent on time and keep everyhing in good conditions,so we don’t understand why it takes so long. There was a problem also with wind damage of fence and big garden gate just because it wasn’t in a good state by the time we moved in. He said the fence is not his but my neighbor said its not hers….So we are completely without the fencing in between me and next house in the garden for 4 years and without the back double gate at the back of the garden so anybody can come in as it is used as a drive for cars which parking in others back gardens, I’m scared when my kids playing in garden and also we lost our privacy. He said shower is the priority but 2months is more than enough…Can I ask the letting agent to ask him to reduce a rent because is still not sorted and it looks like it’s not going to be in near future? We think about move out but we have 2 kids and we can’t afford to pay a new deposit…What to do? What’s my rights? Thank you.

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Hi Lenka, thanks for contacting us.

It is good that your landlord has taken care of most repairs, but frustrating that such a serious problem has been allowed to continue. A leaking shower is definitely your landlord’s responsibility and this is an infringement on your rights. (see

Well done for reporting the leak – did you put your request in writing? There are steps to follow when requesting repairs, and writing a letter or email is the first one. It may take a bit more time to resolve this issue, but be persistent, because as you say, you pay full rent on time and should expect the property to be in good order.

See our article for what to do next by using this link:

The Shelter website has helpful letter templates you can use (we are in the process of creating our own).

With regard to the fence, if the posts are in your garden, then it would be safe to assume that it is the landlord’s responsibility. The general rule of thumb is, when standing at the back door, the fence on the right of the property is the landlords’ responsibility and the one on the left is the neighbour’s. If this is the case, write to the landlord via the letting agent, and request that the fence and gate be repaired.

If there is still a squabble, a copy of the deeds can be obtained for a small fee (use the link below) but these often do not contain such details.

All the best, and do let us know how you get on.


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