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Landlord Is selling house we have 2months notice however it feels like we dont

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Okay so we got our notice due to the owner wanting to sell. today we had them come with a lady for an valuation of the property. they said to us we needed to get rid of the bed from the second bedroom even though it’s rented as a 2bedroom house? also we needed to clear up our clutter and by this they don’t mean things on the floor etc the house had been cleaned from top to bottom! she meant like our personal stuff on our desks tables ect is this right? surely we move our stuff when we move out if they didn’t want a bed in the second bedroom then why rent it as a 2bedroom house? I’m new to renting in general and don’t know where to go for help 

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This is absolute crap. You have a right to use this property as your home and do whatever you want in there and have whatever stuff you like. When you move out, you take it all with you and leave them with a nice clean property. 

Until then, the landlord can’t command how you use your personal space, for which you’re paying rent for. 

Be a little more firm.

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