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Landlord is taking for ever to repair your boiler?

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For anyone who has a boiler that has broken down and has waited for a long time for repairs you might want to consider talking to Trading Standards. It might be quicker to get it fixed by taking the landlord to the country court for breach of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. I had a word with them today and although it might take a month or more to achieve, it may end up being shorter than if you hang around for the environmental health officer to inspect, issue a report and then wait for the landlord to repair. If you win the case you will be compensated and then can get the boiler fixed yourself.

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Why not just go directly to the landlord and say you’re taking them to court if they don’t comply if the regulations ? I mean, in any scenario they will have to pay for the repairs. Going through the hassle of courts will only be in mutual hindrance..
You can send them a “Before Court Action” letter and see what they will reply.

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While I agree to the said above, there might sometimes be an easier and even faster way to get your repairs done.
If you’re sure you can take your landlord to court and win (with repairs it’s fairly easy to check that), you can go and contact them first.
Send them a “Before Court Action” letter, demanding repairs and maintenance be done or the matter disputed before court. List carefully the laws that have been breached. If your landlord isn’t a complete idiot, they will realise that the money will be paid one way or another. It’s just a matter of “Does it really have to go to court ?”.

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