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Landlord isn't doing any repairs despite several complaints!

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I have been renting out this property for almost 7 months now, I live with my partner and two daughters, one is 3 and the other is 6 months old. When we came to view the house, there was still work being done (this I wish I had waited until it was done to accept the property) but we were desperate to move so we took it. On viewing we ask several questions like “is there any damp?” To which the landlord said no. He also said the boiler was brand new then later asked if we were claiming tax credits so he could get a new boiler….I thought that one was new anyway!? He also said the electrics had been re done and there was a brand new electric box. He also asked us if we would mind cutting the garden, stating that it was only over grown and that there was no rubbish, which we sadly agreed to do. So after moving, that’s when we started noticing problems, damp started to appear through the paint he had put down to cover it, pretty much in every room. Electrics kept going, my fridge freezer was off all day without me realising as the switches had gone in the kitchen, my partner lost hours of work in his computer because of the electrics and lights kept blowing and sometimes didn’t even switch on or they’d flicker for ages before turning in properly. We started on the garden and realised the old kitchen had been smashed up and dumped into all of the over grown nettles and weeds (the garden was mostly nettles which was hardly ideal for my daughter of 3) and he refused to sort it out saying that we had agreed to it yet we were told that there was no rubbish, he then offered to pay only half towards a skip for something that wasn’t even our mess!! Then one day I was cooking and accidently set a pan on fire which caused the entire down stairs to smoke out…not a single smoke alarm went off…so my partner tested them, even tried new batteries and they didn’t work at all! The central heating doesn’t come on very often, it kind of comes on when it feels like it, or we have to run the hot tap in the kitchen for half an hour to try and get it running. We also had a gas cooker fitted and I asked the landlord of the gas pipe was capped as I wasn’t sure and he said it was, turns out it wasn’t capped at all!. I have made several complaints about all of these of multiple occasions and the only thing he has fixed (he knows a guy who knows a plumber) was the leaky pipe under the sink and that was not long after we moved in. Now our bathroom pipes have started leaking and going down to the downstairs toilet which the leak is then travelling towards the light. We’ve made so many complaints and all we get is (well send someone out, or well sort it) but then we don’t hear anything. A whole a go my partner was made redundant at work and so we fell behind on a months rent, which we are still trying to pay back so now every time we make a complaint, our landlords agency (family business) completely ignore it and start asking questions about the arrears. He claims the council inspected the property before he rented it out but something tells me he’s lying? We can’t afford to move, and we can’t live like this either, the house is a massive hazard. What can I do!?

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If you feel like venting you should probably visit RentBetween .com They have a tool for Tenancy Reviews so you can warn anyone who might be looking to stay there in the future ?


Okay here is what you need to do: 

1. Find a way to pay back the arrears (take up some small loan from family or friends – make sure it’s a trustworthy person, who can wait a bit for the money). Without paying the rent in full, you might have difficulties making complaints as institutions become generally responsive if they catch wind of you not paying rent / being in arrears. 

2. Make a good list of the damage – focus on essential items first (e.g. damp, gas problems, electrical problems etc.). Make this list as detailed as possible. 

Here are things you need to look into:

Gas safety certificate; 

Smoke alarms working / not working;

Electricals and grid working / not working; 


3. Send a copy of the list to your landlord and tell them that they breach safety regulations and create health hazards for you and your children. Be polite, but firm. In your letter, make sure the include “letter before action” and give your landlord 48 hours to start repair work OR 

4. You go to the council. The council has a department which oversees living standards in rented properties. The Environmental Health department can make an inspection of your home and order the landlord to do repairs. 

Here are some articles about repairs on our website:

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