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Landlord issues

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I have just left a property got an exit meeting the landlord was notified in December about the fence to the garden being down he was asked to replace it it never happened after 3 months I paid to get it done, he left an old pic door out the back was asked to remove it it’s still there. In January he was told about issues with the boiler considering I had a 2 year old daughter in the house this was not sorted until July I have now pointed out I cannot paint the house as walls have peeling paint by windows due to either a reaction with plaster or damp. Also have a bay window at the front of the house where one part opens the other is screwed shut he is now trying to keep the bond how am I fixed?

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Hi Mark

Your landlord can only hold on to some of your deposit/bond where he can prove damage or loss. If he is trying to make deductions that you don’t agree with then the first step is to contact the deposit protection scheme that holds your deposit and raise a dispute with them as fast as you can. If you’re still in the property then take photos of everything that could be controversial and get together as much proof as you can, such as email correspondence and your check in inventory.

That money is yours until the landlord proves a right to hold on to it so don’t accept anything else the landlord says – it’s not up to him to decided what deductions to make. Once you raise a dispute with the scheme they will require the landlord to prove loss or damage before they will decide a deduction is fair.

If your deposit isn’t protected and you have an assured shorthold tenancy (which most tenancies are) then you can make a claim against the landlord for the return of the entire deposit plus 1-3 x compensation. It’s a legal requirement to protect the deposit so if the landlord hasn’t done it you’re well within your rights to take action – or even threaten action unless the entire deposit is returned asap.


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