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Landlord keeping some of our deposit

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Any advice would be appreciated regarding our situation. We handed in our notice to our rented house back in July. We moved out on the 21st September. We had an inspection on the 6th August with the managing agent along with the landlord. The house has been on the market to be sold and now has been sold as a few weeks before we moved out a sold sign was put outside. Since we have moved out the landlord has some issues which I list below and wants to keep some of our deposit.

3 picture hooks to stairway and coat rack in entrance hall.  5 picture hooks to lounge and a blind  fitted to window.  5 pin holes to upvc (already there when we moved in) door and Butchers shelf in kitchen.  5 picture hooks in bedroom 1.  4 picture hooks in bedroom 2 and window blind fitted.  2 picture hooks in bedroom 3 and 2 pinholes to upvc window (already there when we moved in) frame.  1 picture hook in bathroom. The gardens have not been maintained in keeping with the condition at the start of the tenancy. 

We dispute this as we don’t believe that she will use our money to what she believes to be damage and make them right as the property is now sold. She is yet to provide costs to us and we are waiting and waiting. We want to progress this through the DPS and have forms but need to be witnessed by a solicitor which again will cost money that we don’t have. 

When the check out was done we wasn’t present and the agent went after we left which we wasn’t happy about. Earlier on in the year the property changed managing agent and we was never issued with a new tenancy agreement and only have the old one which I believe to be now void seen as it’s a new agent. I would just like to say that the garden we feel was maintained and we left the picture hooks as we felt it would be a big issue as sometimes can be worse to remove them. Maybe we should have asked if she wanted them removed but again we thought it would be no issue.

Any advice on how to resolve our issue quickly would be appreciated and where we stand legally. 


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Unfortunately, it’s likely the landlord will succeed in discounting some money against the picture hooks. You could have easily fixed them yourself before you left with some filling putty and the same color paint. 

Now it’s too late and you’ll likely suffer some deductions. 

However, if you have pictures of the garden before you left, you can use those to dispute garden deductions with the DPS. As far as I know, you don’t need a solicitor to deal with the DPS, that’s what the scheme is there to prevent. You should be able to freely dispute the money with the correct forms and evidence. 

It’s too bad you couldn’t attend the move out report, as it’s imperative to ensure it’s accurately drafted.

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