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Landlord not filfilling requests

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Ive asked repeatedly to the landlord to resolve some items so can someone advise where I go from here as they’re simply not getting them done. I have emailed and called, and left messages but nothing is happening or they’re not responding. Also, is there anything I can claim back?

I moved into a property over a month ago. Prior to moving in it was agreed that the house would be cleaned top to bottom and the exterior would be cleared. On the day I collected the keys the estate agent owner was in the middle of a very quick effort to move some items into the waste bins from outside, but by no means cleared everything. As for the inside, nothing had been done so I requested a cleaner as the house was greasy, grimey, sticky and disgusting (faeces in the toilet too). The cleaner spent two days but more was needed by myself such as removing mouse droppings in cupboards/under the bath, etc. 

Outstanding items that I’ve asked repeatedly for:

1. Bedroom door for my daughter – she’s had to sleep in my room since we moved in as without a door her room is cold and I’d say unsafe too. Could I claim back for a two bed house rent amount instead of a three bed as the room is unusable as a bedroom without a door

2. Oven doesn’t work – I’ve asked for it to be repaired or to plumb in my old standalone one

3. Kitchen tap leaks – this is currently held together with a rubber band I fixed to stop wasting water I’m paying for

4. Bathroom taps – can get stuck and have to force them to turn

5. Clear the exterior of the house – as agreed prior to tenancy

6. The kitchen is in a very poor state. Some cupboards are rotting/mouldy and most of the kitchen is sticky with grease/grime. Some drawers don’t function and some areas are in disrepair.

7. There are areas of the kitchen and pantry that smell of dog urine and a cupboard that is stained with it. 



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Write a letter (typed is best) to your landlord or landlord’s agent with these details. If you can – include photos. Say that you consider the place is affecting your health and they have 14 days to start to deal with the problem or you will be referrring it to the environmental health dept. at the council.

I would expect that a sensible landlord would then arrange with you to come and view the problems and draw up a plan of action to tackle them. If they don’t however and the 14 days is up and you’re still not satisfied then send a copy of the letter along with a covering letter to the council (might be best to follow it up with a phonecall in case the council lose the letter lol) who will then make an appointment to come and look at the place and if they themselves find it to be as you say then it is likely they will issue the landlord with an enforcement order to sort out the problems which he/she will have to comply with or risk prosecution from them. Since 2015 a landlord can no longer issue notice in England to a tenant within 6 months of the council upholding a complaint about repairs so if your landlord tries this as a threat you can safely ignore it.


Hi Chris,

Have had any results with the landlord and/or agent? I am current doing research on rogue landlords and agents so let me know how it goes?





Thanks both. I’ve spoken to another tenant who said the same. Never gets a reply from the estate agent. They said the same as the advice on Shelter about sending letters of your intention to get repairs, get three quotes and give deadlines. If they dont respond you can proceed and take any costs from your rent. 

So far I’ve spent an hour ringing plumbers. Not sure if I can claim my time back against rent though.

i have no problem naming and shaming as these are useles estate agents with not returning calls, voice measages or emails. Dee, Atkinson and Harrison in Driffield. The agent is David Harrison and he’s flipping useless. I should not have to ring or contact them repeatedly to get a flipping door put on my daughter’s bedroom. 


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