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Landlord not fixing toilet

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Basically our toilet is broken, there is no water running in to the back at all. I informed the landlord and he said he would get someone to fix it the same day at a certain time. The landlord turned up at the agreed time but with no plumber or anthing. He basically looked at the toilet, agreed it wasn’t working, then looked in all our rooms etc.

He said that he would get someone to fix it the next day (today) but I wasn’t going to be in I so agreed he could let himself in. So I come back this evening, toilet is in exactly the same state, although he has definitely been there because there was a spoon left in the bathroom (who know what he was doing with a spoon).

What can I do? What are my rights in this situation? We only have 1 toilet so I need to fill up the back with a pan if I need to use it

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Unless you have done something to cause this problem yourself (which seems unlikely) then it’s 100% the landlord’s responsibility – info here.

In terms of what you can do about it, I’d personally start by putting something in writing and having it delivered registered post so that you have proof of the complaint and the date of its receipt. You could threaten to (or actually do) call the local environmental health department and point out that until the toilet is working again the landlord is in breach of the tenancy agreement, which could give you a cause to seek compensation. Point out the health implications of not having a working toilet. If your tenancy started after 1 Oct 2015 then you’re protected from being evicted for making complaints like this. Give the landlord a specific timeframe in which to carry out the repairs, note that he’s now seen the toilet twice and note also that you only gave consent to enter the building when you weren’t there to deal with the toilet issue and nothing has been done. I’m not a lawyer but landlords often respond to tenants making something a bit more official like this by taking action.

You can also seek legal advice from organisations such as Shelter or Citizens Advice.


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