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Landlord not reimbursing

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at the start of the tenancy there wasn’t a door on one bedroom so the room was unusable for 7 weeks. 

The cleaners they hired didn’t finish the whole house so i spent 4 hours cleaning grease, grime and mouse droppings. 

The builder also didn’t finish a task tiling around the cooker so any cooking steam was getting the plaster. I retiled this myself using tiles left in the house. 

I have emailed, phoned, left voice messages showing what Costs I feel should be returned for lack of a room use yet paying full rent, and typical costs of a cleaner and builder for works above. 

The landlord is ignoring me despite asking if these costs can be taken from the rent. The landlord even said he would be happy to sort me out of these costs  

What rights do I have to take these costs from the rent? Is there anything else I can do?


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Hello Chris, 
Tenant rights to discount money from their rent payments are very vague and I wouldn’t advise you to withhold the money without getting a clear written agreement from the landlord. 
You may be able to do this (deduct from rent) if these were essential repairs (no door is kind of essential, I know), but in your current situation, there is a risk for this to come out as rent arrears. 
Unfortunately, the law doesn’t really defend tenants who do the repairs themselves. 
Try to negotiate and have them accept at least part of the costs and take the rest of the hit. 
Edit: Shelter seems to have a guide about how to do it and not get flagged for arrears – Maybe this can help you.


Thanks. Of all the days, he finally agreed to come and see me tomorrow. 

Ill take onboard your advice

many thanks


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