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Landlord obtained CCJ for rent arrears without telling me the judgement date prior

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I used to pay rent to an agent but they made me post the rent through their office as I was working during their office times.

After I insisted they give me an account to pay it into they told me to stop being difficult and then told me I would be dealing with the landlord from now on.

When the landlord visited he said i could pay it into his account and that he would text me the details.

That was the last time I saw or heard off him for over two months.

Long story short, he refused to give me account details when he finally did get in touch, asked me to move out which I have. He sent me a letter saying he would be making an application to the court for rent arrears.

I planned to get some advice about this once I’d finished moving. But today the landlord text me to inform me that he has obtained a CCJ for over 2000. The rent arrears were just under £1500. And I have until 4pm on 18th October to pay them 

I wasn’t aware a date had been set for judgement as I would’ve defended myself. He conveniently didn’t text me about that part but was more than happy to text me today to tell me he was successful.

I don’t know what to do. 

I stupidly sent him a text a few weeks back saying I don’t have his rent anymore as he wanted me to move and I couldn’t afford both. So I.cant even argue that he can’t  prove I owe it.

Help. I’ve got nowhere near £2000

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Hello Jennifer,

Has your landlord shown you the CCJ ? It sounds a bit too quick for them to obtain a CCJ and that you have no notification of a claim against you at all ? They might be just threatening you to get their rent back faster.

HOWEVER, that is not a cause for you to be relaxed. Use that time to raise the money as soon as possible and pay them back.

Regardless of the difficulties in payment methods and the bad communication between you and your landlord and your agent, you owe rent for the months you’ve stayed in the property before you moved. 

You should have saved the rent money for when you can pay them to the landlord. You moved instead, but this debt is still on you.


I’m sorry but did you even read my post or yours for that matter?

‘Raise as much money regardless of the difficultues’  And how do you propose I do that when I’m flat broke? I already stated that I had no where near that money.

And I offered to pay his rent on more than one occasion. But it’s abit difficult to do when A) you don’t hear off him for over two months and B) he doesn’t provide you with the account details he said he would.

I only spent the rent money to avoid being homeless. Or did you also miss that part where he asked me to move out?

Read properly then respond.


Jennifer, you don’t neet to be aggressive… You asked what to do about rent arrears – the only thing you can do is pay them back. 

There is no law or tenant right where your financial situation allows you not pay your rent. I’m sorry.


I wasn’t being aggressive just merely pointing out that you didn’t read my post thoroughly. 

I never refused to pay the rent. I asked him repeatedly for his details in order for to pay. Which repeatedly went ignored. I have texts as proof.

When he claimed to have gotten the CCJ he ignored me when I asked for the claim number amd be of court at which it was granted. 

He also didn’t provide me with details once again on how to pay the CCJ amd there’s no evidence ofy CCJ on my credit report. Which has been updates since the date he claimed to have gotten the CCJ


As per everything you say, there is safe to assume your landlord has no CCJ in your name and was bluffing to pressure you to pay faster. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re clear, as your landlord will likely obtain the CCJ at some point, but you might have some time to recuperate. Try to negotiate step payments, or some form of schedule payments to start clearing out some of this debt. 

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