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Landlord planning conversion back to house. No warning given.

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Hi everyone.

I have received notice from my local council that my landlord is to convert the two flats in my building (a terraced house) back into a single dwelling, and build an extension to the rear.

I have received no letter regarding this from the landlord.

The planning application has already been opposed by a neighbour, but I cannot oppose for fear of revenge eviction.

Should the landlord have legally issued a letter stating his intention?

Does he have to legally rehome me?

He has just re-let the upstairs flat and has probably not informed the new occupants of his intentions.


Hi Philip

The landlord has to legally give you notice to remove you from the property – that’s normally two months and can’t be effective before the end of a fixed term. Beyond that, it depends what your tenancy agreement says. I doubt that there is any obligation to keep you informed other than to make sure you are given legal notice. I think planning applications can take a very long time so perhaps the landlord is waiting to see the outcome and will then give you and the new tenant notice.


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