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Landlord Problem

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Hi, We have been renting for the past 6 months. When moving into the property we were given permission to do how we liked in terms of decorating as they hadnt done any decorating for us. All rooms upstairs were wallpapered and once stripped the walls where falling apart. We had to plaster the whole upstairs and the painted and wallpapered. 

No room was neutral and the kitchen was green which we then painted a Matte Plum.

Now we are moving out the landlord has told the Estate Agents they want the house painting neutral which has then been passed to us to do. Is this our job to be doing when the house was not catered for us when we had moved in and for all the work we have done to the house inc plastering. 

Another question, does the estate agent have to survey the house before a Tenant moves in and a Electrical Certficiate passed? As they have a light switch in the bathroom which is less then half a metre away from the bath and sink.


Adam C



I think electrical certificates are voluntary, but recommended. That means the landlord is not obliged to provide one. 

As for the decoration, I suppose the landlord is in their right to ask you to repaint. Matte plum is a very radical colour and isn’t going to please the majority of people, even though I personally like it. 

The landlord gave you permission to redecorate, but to be able to market the property successfully, neutral colours are recommended. What you can do is negotiate with the landlord, based on the improvements you introduced to the property. You can do the work and they can buy the paint. That way everybody pitches in and nobody gets unfair treatment. 

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