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Landlord raising the price unreasonably

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I am not from the UK originally so any piece of advice would be highly appreciated. 

I am currently a tenant in Oxford. I am renting a 1bd flat for about 900 pounds (4months of 12-month contract). Recently, because of work-related duties, I was faced with a relocation and I asked the landlord to terminate the contract via agent. She has agreed, and according to my contract I need to pay the rent until a new tenant is found. And now the landlord decided to ask for 975. The agent has been struggling with finding anybody interested (the price is too high) and I suspect that it is done with premeditation at my cost. Obviously the price is too high and they are rejecting any of suggestions of going down. 

What can I do in this situation? Are there any legal ways of forcing them to lower the price (court?)?

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The Landlord cannot raise the rent as they will be in breach of contract, you both signed the contract for 12mnths at £900.

Your contract will also state how much notice you can give. As you signed a contract for 12mnths, then the law states that you must honour it I’m afraid. If you give notice before the end of your term, and another tenant cannot be found, then the agent is correct, you will be responsible for the rent.

My advice is to contact CAB, they will be able to give you free legal advice. Perhaps the reason that you have to re-locate might help your case.

Best of luck Bolly

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