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Landlord refuses to sign tenancy agreement

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I hope someone can help me with this: me and my partner are mowing in to a shared house (renting a room). Our landlord owns couple houses and all are shared. He prepared a tenancy agreement for us. He first promised to send us copy a week before we meet to sign. After multiple reminders he didnt and only sent it on the day. After reading agreement we were not happy with couple points and he agreed to change it by crosisng it out on agreement. once we signed our agreement he refused to sign it. We were allowed to keep a not signed copy of agreement, he kept his copy which is signed by us. After long discussion he still refused to sign any paperwork saying he has always done it like that and that hes insurance only covers a copy of one signature. Its sounds complete nonsence. In the end he told us to send him email with agreement copy and changes and he confirmed by email that it is corect. This is very confusing. I know that in UK verbal agreement is also legal. But i dont understand why landlord wouldnt want to sign agreement? Also what risks are we facing renting out that room without his signature on anything?

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Rita- a contract is only lega;ly binding if entered into (signed) by both parties. If he refuses to sign then the contract is not binding and you can walk away at any time you see fit.

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