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Landlord replaces furniture after viewing

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I am about to rent a flat on part furnished basis and got an issue. Property agent notified me that landlord is about to replace a nice looking wooden bed with a divan bed. Apparently he can do this on the basis that we agreed for a double bed to be provided but we didn’t specify that we wanted exactly the bed which we saw during the viewing. I couldn’t imaging that anyone involved could expect that we we agreeing about some abstract bed, which is “coincidently” a worse quality one. Are landlord’s actions legal?

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Hi Alex

It depends how the property was marketed by the agent. If the advert stated the furniture shown came with the flat then they are obliged to keep it there or replace it with something similar. Otherwise, the Landlord is well within his rights to swap items out before a contract has been signed.

If you want a nice bed, maybe suggest contributing some funds to top up what the Landlord is paying to get a nicer bed. However, this is always the slight risk with renting a part/fully furnished apartment.

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