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Landlord Requesting Excessive Damages

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After a five year tenancy my landlord asked me to leave as he wanted to sell the house ( he hasn’t he has rented it out again at a higher rental ), as I have children we agreed a date, although he got very agressive when I said I could not leave within the stipulated notice period. The agents gave me a glowing reference, the property had been checked every 6 months to their satisfaction, and the rent always paid on time.

I left the property at the beginning of July and heard nothing from the agents or the landlord, and assumed everything was fine that was until yesterday when I received a County Court Summons for the sum of £3000!The flat roof at the rear of the property had been leaking for sometime which I reported to the agents time and time again, the landlard paid for some repairs but still the roof leaked so there was some water damage in the

This he says is for damages, rubbish removal and clearance of the garden, I dispute this and the amount claimed, he gave me no warning of his intent and therefore no chance to defend his claim.

I am really not sure which way to turn especially as I am saving to try and get a mortgage now and a ccj is the last thing I need.

I certainly need advice please.

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Hello. Your landlord will have to prove it was you that caused the damage or left rubbish. Do you have any photos or videos from when you left. 

Is there a check in and check out inventory that’s been signed by you both?


It is clearly mentioned in almost every rental agreement that as soon as renter brings into notice of owner about the structural damage from that point tenant cannot be held responsible for damages caused by it. If due to such damage tenant suffer any loss then he can claim that from land lord. But if tenant does not disclose the damage or if damage is caused due to his negligence then he will be held responsible for the same. To get rid of this problem consult water damage repair Queens. Hope they will help you out in right direction.

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