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Landlord requesting money for communal area cleaning.

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Hi. We have recently been slapped with some charges for cleaning the house.

There are currently 4 people living in the house all on 6 month contracts starting at different dates.

My last contract was signed when my landlord was living with us. They have now moved out.

The Landlord and another tennact has moved out recently prompting the landlord to arrange cleaning of the comunal area. We had two days notice and was told we would be charged for this. We were also told this is done everytime a household member moves out and that everyone who is living there would have to split the cost.

Consiquently i will have to pay for cleaning the comunal areas now and again in two months when i move out. Along with the new tennants who have moved in.

I have lived here for 18 months and no profesional cleaning has been done in that time.

Is this normal/fair practice? and do i have a right to refuse payment?

The other tennant who has moved out has been told it will be taken out of there deposit.

No quote was obtained before the work was issued. And now it is complete we are still waiting to hear how much this will cost.

This is rented from a private landlord

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Hi Jonathan

What does your tenancy agreement say about it? If it says that you are liable to pay for the cost of a professional clean when YOU move out then that’s all that you have to pay for. It has to be in writing somewhere for them to be able to charge you for it – it sounds to me like they’re just being cheeky and getting the departing tenant to pay for the cost as well as the existing tenants.

Normally the requirement is to leave the property in the same state in which it was when you arrived – or to arrange a professional clean yourself. If that’s what your tenancy says then you don’t need to accept their cleaning choices and you don’t need to pay for the departing tenant’s clean.



would i be in my rights to ask for a reciept? 

tanancy agreement does not specify they can arrange cleaners as and when they feel like. I do however have to leave the house in the same state i started the tanancy in which is fair.


I think you’d be well within your rights to ask for that.

That’s what most tenancies say – this arrangement they’ve got just sounds like a way of squeezing more cash from you guys.

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