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Landlord Responsible for Garden Issues?

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Hi All,

I rent a private property, in June an issue came to light with the rear garden. Small ‘shoots’ started appearing out of the ground both in the boarder and the lawn area, thinking nothing of it i cut them down and laid weed control fabric in the boarders and laid fresh gravel (at my expense). The lawn shoots were thin enough to be trimmed with the mower.

A week later the shoots returned, grown through the control fabric and much thicker this time round. I had a local gardener come round and take a look, it was evident these are Bamboo shoots from the neighbouring propety, they have a bamboo plant in excess of 10ft tall which has grown underground into our garden.
I reported the matter to the landlord when we had ten spikes up to around 3ft in height (01/08/2016), from this they said they would contact the property involved and go from there, to this day they have only sent a letter to the property in a vain hope he will reply and be happy to remove the large plant.

The spikes in our garden now reach 6ft tall, these are unsuitable for our young child to play around as the shorter ones are very sharp if he falls on them. We plan to leave the property at the end of the year, the landlord has suggested they leave any repairs until then or until the council gets involved.

Is the landlord under any legal obligation to repair this defect due to H&S? The garden isn’t safe and thus unusable for us. 

Thanks in advance.

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