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Landlord Sacked Lettings Agency - Check out issues

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We originally secured our tenancy agreement through a lettings agency, then a few months into our tennancy the ex-landlord decided to sell the property.  The new landlord decided to self manage the property, which I understand is perfectly legal and within his rights.  

My issue comes with the check out at the end of the tenancy.  The landlord wants to do the check out without any third party present – despite our check in being done through the original lettings agency.  We want someone independent present to ensure the check out is fair, as he has previously attempted to pressure us into situations that put us at a disadvantage (wanting us to move to a new property mid tenancy).

I know that our deposit is secured, however I worry that if there is no due process through the checkout and the landlord does attempt to claim money then arbitration will be difficult if not impossible. As it stands we will be taking lots of photos but worry that this won’t protect us fully.

Do we have any right to demand that the check out is done through an independent third party, and can we call in the original lettings agency to finish off the job they started?

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You can always commission your own inventory report and use it as proof if the landlord tries anything funny. 

Also, you can do your own inventory by simply going around the property methodically and listing down any issues and taking photos of practically everything. 

You can also demand to be present on the check out inventory that your landlord does and dispute anything you think is wrong and also write a statement of every list item that you disagree with. 

The landlord will have a harder time to get anything out from the ADR if you have solid proof.

Make sure to obtain a copy of the original inventory report to compare. 

Here is some more info on inventories – t

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