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Landlord selling to new landlord what happens to month in advance rent

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Can anyone help me?? I am privately renting a property and the landlord is now selling (note I am not in a tenancy agreement as the landlord has never got round to bringing me the new one to sign). The landlord is selling to an investor therefore the new landlords have said they will want me to stay. My question is what happens to my month in advance that was paid to the first landlord?? Does she have to transfer this to the new landlord or as the sale is going through do I not have to pay a months rent to the current landlord and then start fresh with new landlord once sale is finalised??? Thank you

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Hi Michelle

Is this money you paid as a secuity deposit? If so then it’s likely the landlord should have protected it with one of the three tenancy deposit protection schemes. It’s not clear from your post whether there was once a tenancy agreement and you just haven’t signed a renewal (in which case you’re now there under a periodic tenancy on basically the same terms as the initial tenancy and the deposit must have been protected) or whether there never was a tenancy agreement.

Make sure that you get in writing that the money will be transferred from one landlord to the next and find out where the deposit is protected. If it should have been protected and hasn’t been then you can make a claim against the landlord for 1-3 times the amount of the deposit. If the landlord won’t confirm where the money is held and what will happen to it (in writing) then you can remind them of your ability to take action to retrieve that cash.


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