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Landlord subletting without tenant’s permission

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Recently, I found out that, while current away for a few weeks from a house I rent with three other students, that my landlord had decided to sublet out mine and another’s (who was also away) rooms, without notifying us or seeking our permission. This despite us being fully up to date with rent. It seemed his motive was that he wanted to use rooms that were currently unfilled, if only to sublet them for a few weeks.

I can’t find anything in the tenancy agreement that explicitly prohibits him from doing this, but neither is there anything that explicitly allows him to.

I’d love to know what the legality of this is, and whether it’s a usual occurrence? As well as what I might perhaps do next.

Thanks in advance!

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First, this is not subletting. Subletting is when a tenant rents out their room / property to another tenant and becomes an intermediary landlord. 

Second, this is called double renting and is absolutely illegal. The landlord can NOT rent the property at the same time to two different people who are paying rent for exclusive occupation. 

You can request a rent compensation for the period when your room has been rented out to somebody else.


Ah right, thanks for the advice!

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