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Landlord sues on false premises with malicious intent

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Would you please help me with advice on this case:

I rented a property in Nottingham, UK with initial 6 months contract. About the end of the third month I started having arguments with the landlord who also lived in the property. Things escalated and he assaulted me. Then I called the police, he was arrested and criminal trial initiated against him. Meanwhile, 2 weeks after the incident, I moved out of the property and he was notified of that. 

Now, the trial is over, he was found not guilty. There were not witnesses to the incident, it was only my word against his, so I am not surprised by that outcome. 

However, now he is claiming that I should pay him rent for the 3 months of my contract which I did not complete. 
The contract itself says that if I terminate it earlier, I would only lose my deposit. It says that I have to give written notice. I sent text messages and he knew I was leaving because he sent an inspector to visit the property after I left. Are text messages sufficient in these circumstances?

He is also claiming £1700 in damages which is all made up. He is just trying to recover some of the money he lost on criminal defence lawyer. 

He just sent me a message asking for my home address to send the courts paperwork. 
I will not provide that obviously to someone who attacked me in the past. 
However, I am concerned that if there is indeed a small claims court case, I may not be notified and lose by default. 

Thanks a lot for any advice.

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I cant shed much light on your situation as I am going through something similar with a rogue landlord myself – he didnt assault me and didnt live in same building but he harrassed me, didnt protect me bond, didnt go gas checks etc – basically he breached all his responsibilies to the point I couldnt live at the property not even for a day.  It was a 12mth assured shorthold tenancy, I paid bond, rent and council tax all in advance and left him with no debts at all.  I could have taken him to court for the monies, but like you, I just wanted to walk away from that type of person and get on with life.  So I wrote him a letter (he actually refused to give me any contact address for him), terminating the contract.  I couldnt even post keys to him as he said he refused to take them plus I had no address, so after several attempts of asking, I advised him the only thing I could do was to post them through letterbox of property which I did.

He sent me threatening letters of court action.  two weeks later he filed a small claims against me (of which I am going through now) claiming I owed him a further 6 mths rent (even though he’s broken the law).  I too didnt want him to know where I lived so, I had my mail redirected through royal mail, so it comes to my new address and he has no idea.  So that’s one option for you, because as you rightly say, you dont want the court case but you also dont want it to go ahead and default.

What I would advise is, contact Shelter (just google Shelter) and ring the one nearest your area.  If it wasnt for them, I’d have had a breakdown.  They are very knowledgeable and they will give you good advice.  They’ll know better than me.

But, super important – DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR ADDRESS – REMAIN SAFE !  And just a tip, just in case, dont sign up for anything at your new address until you know he’s out of the way.  He may be bluffing, but you need to take precaustions.  I think it’s around 20-00 something for 3 mths redirection and 40-00 something for 6 mths with royal mail.  Get it done quickly.

Get the mail thing redirected through royal mail as a priority

Contact your local Shelter – tell them about the redirection and then everything that’s happened.  They may then advise you to contact him and just say, post what you need to, to the old address, it will get redirected.

If I can help you further, not sure if I can, but feel free to leave a message here, you never know.  Damn rogue landlords. 

Have a read also on the Shelter website, they have a lot of legal links on there which may help you.  If feel for you I really do, my case is due for the hearing in 4 weeks and life has stopped for 6 months, it’s an awful experience, especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.

Good luck x




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