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Landlord threats

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Hello everyone. i have a new neighbour who is a dirty man.  His dog urniates and defecates right outside the main front door.  Each flat has a different landlord.  i contacted my abusive bully of a landlord and told him.  He started to ask me really stuipid questions like “be specific, where is the dog urniating” how more specific than outside the main front door can i get? it is as if he wants to control me.  i then mentioned flees.  i asked my landlord if he has ever seen flees on my cat in my home. To protect myself.   He would not answer.  I then said if the diry man with his dog have flees in their home, who will foot the bill for fumigators.  My landlord then threatened me and said if flees infest the building. i have to remove my cat.   I hate my landlord.  Does anyone know who I can turn to to be a go-between for me and my landlord because he aways come up with such rubbish, threatens me and makes me extremely angry.   thanks for reading.  

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Hi Kath

It’s a difficult situation when landlords start making threats. I don’t suppose there is a managing agent for the flats? That would be the logical third party to act as a go between. You could also ask to have a friend present whenever you speak to the landlord so that there is someone else there to witness what he says – you’re well within your rights to do that.

If you feel like your landlord is harassing you then that’s a criminal offence – there’s more information on that here, including what you can do about it.

Could you ask the neighbour to take his dog elsewhere to go to the toilet? If that’s the major issue then it might be worth a polite request, especially if there are kids in the flats. If the front door is on public land or a footpath then he could be fined for not clearing up after his dog – contact the local council to report dog fouling.


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