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Landlord took 6 weeks to repair the boiler - no compensation?

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Hi all, I am wondering if I am entitled to a compensation and how much. Here is the situation and it’s been dragging on for months now. 

I rent a 1 bedroom apartment in London. I don’t have a direct contact with my landlord, there is a person managing his property and several others although it is no agency. If something breaks down I call this person, he calls the landlord, the landlord arranges the repair, calls this person back, who calls me back… All this usually takes ages and I have to call several times to get anything done. Mostly it is not too bad, just annoying, but the case I am about to describe was really bad. 

In the end of March, the “night” thermostat for hot water broke down. The “day” thermostat has a timer for maximum 2 hours which is not enough time to heat the whole tank up. During the next 5 weeks, I had to arrange multiple unsuccessful attempts to repair the boiler with electrician and plumber the landlord sent to my place. This spoilt several weekends and forced me to work from home several times. The whole flat was flooded with cold water two times and I had to mop up the icy water, catching a bad cold with fever as the result. The whole house was damp and stinky for weeks on after that. One day I had to stay watch by the leaking pipe and empty containers under the leakage every 15 minutes, then the next day I had no water in the house at all. The thermostats broke down on 25th of March and got finally fixed on May 5th. 

I think I deserve a compensation for all this suffering. The people my landlord hired were sloppy and incompetent, were late for their appointments or canceled last minute. I lived without proper hot water or any water for several weeks, got ill, and in general paid a lot of money to stay in a place was totally unpleasant to be in. I have asked the “manager” of the property several times about the compensation now but I have the feeling he is either not bringing it up with the landlord or the landlord is hoping we will just move out without it. I can’t wait to move out, to be honest, but I also think at least one month worth of rent does not belong to the landlord rightfully thanks to all this mess. What can I do to get my compensation? Can the city council help me, or some other administrative body? 

I would be very grateful for any advice,

Thank you,


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Hi Katya I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I know what it is like when you do not have a good landlord. I would go to the council and explain the situation to them and tell them you think you are entitled to compensation. IF you have a money claims court in London you could take him to court and let a judge decide. Some landlords dont treat their tenants gvery well they are just interested in getting the rent every month. Hope you get the situation sorted out.


Honestly, I don’t think the landlord owes you any compensation. I’m not saying you don’t deserve it, or they didn’t drag you through hell with the repairs process.

HOWEVER, unless you’ve suffered some damages, and I’m not sure that a cold and a fever qualify, the landlord is not required to compensate you for a long and complex repairs process. 

What you CAN do is go to the Environmental Health department at your local council and explain the situation. They can advise you if you’re trully owed something or not. I would not go to the courts unless I’m absolutely sure I can win, because there are fees that need to be covered to start the process and unless you win, you’ll just get dragged back more.

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