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Landlord trying to force us into signing a new tenancy agreement

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Recently our tenancy agreement reached the end of its term and during this time my partner has become pregnant and we were considering looking into moving somewhere in the near future, more suitable for our growing family (our landlord doesn’t know we are considering moving)

Our landlord is also my partners boss and yesterday he said to her that she NEEDS to sign a new Tenancy agreement.

I was under the impression that once the term has ended it moves into a periodic tenancy and by law she doesn’t need to sign a new tenancy unless she wants the security of knowing she has a new long term agreement herself?

Is he wrong to demand she signs a new agreement and stating that she MUST do so?

If we can just continue on a periodic tenancy, how much notice must be given each way if we were to move or he was to evict?

Many Thanks


Hi Simon

Yes the tenancy does automatically move into a periodic tenancy when the old agreement ends. However, there’s no right for tenants to have a periodic tenancy if the landlord doesn’t agree – it is his property after all. If the choice is to sign a new tenancy or move out then – as long as the landlord provides the right notice – unfortunately there’s no right to stay. As far as I know it’s two months notice and it needs to be given – there’s more info on that here.


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