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Landlord trying to secretly sell property

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Hi, need a bit of advice.

We have been renting a property for 28 months, our Landlord lives next door and is currently trying to sell his property.  He has told us verbally that he has no intention of selling our property,(Our property is a converted, stand alone annex at the bottom of his drive, we share the driveway and parking) but on numerious occasions I have overheard the estate agent telling potential buyers of his property “Yes this property (our house) can be included  in the sale at the right price” 

He once asked if a potential buyer could view our house, which I didnt allow, due to right of privacy, and told him that if he was actively marketing our house we have a right to know, he then said he was not marketing the house?

So my question is – does the Landlord have to declare that he is planning on selling our property, or do we have to wait for him to issue a section 21 & 2 months notice?

Many thanks in advance!

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You really shouldn’t worry, so long as you have a fixed term tenancy. 

Even if the landlord sells the property with you still living inside, the buyer becomes your landlord for the duration of the fixed term. When it ends, they can ask you to leave, but not before. 

Your new landlord has the same rights and responsibilities and you keep everything that you currently have. 

Here is some additional reading –


Thanks Audrey, appreciate your help, my concern is that he is not planning on selling our property as an ongoing rental property, but as a vacant property?


 ps – we only had a fixed term contract for the first year, we have not signed a new contract?

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