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Landlord unfair expectations

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I have just resigned an agreement to stay at the property I have been renting for a year now. Two of the other 4 girls have also done this. Having started the new term the landlord now wants the property to be deep cleaned. As we haven’t vacated the property we don’t agree with this. We are happy to do this when we vacate the property.

It must be taken into account the unreasonable expectation that the property be cleaned professionally when it was not let to us in such a manner.

Furthermore she is asking 3 of us to pay for cleaning costs for 5 people’s usgage. Obviously this is grossly unfair and clearly incorrect.

Our landlord did not make any effort to see us in the first year, this was the first time we met her having exchanged contracts via an agency before. She has seen the property is in a good state. In addition to all of this, we have continually asked for the front door to be repaired/refitted. It is insecure and let’s in so much draught. We emailed the landlord this at the beginning of the last agreement and she largely ignored us and refused when pushed to do anything. This is in addition to stalling when agreeing to clean the garden which was not done for months.

What would be the best way to go about this? Thanks in advance. 


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You can try to negotiate to do some form of “deep cleaning” yourself now and then arrange a decent end of tenancy cleaning before you leave. This should be enough to make everybody happy. 

Typically though, the landlord cannot require to you do professional cleaning WHILE you’re currently renting. It’s a subject to frequent disputes whether they can FORCE tenants to do any kind of professional cleaning. 

As far as repairs go, you need to understand that nothing will get completed until you absolutely make your landlord / agent pissed about you calling / emailing them so much that they rather do the work than hear another *ping*.


Su, I agree with you with you, why should you be required to do a “deep clean” when you are remaining in the property. If you agree to it, or part agree to it, what is to stope her asking again – in addition to what you agree now will become part of a non-verbal agreement and may in future if you do want to extend your tenancy become the norm. As for the door if it’s insecure, then this is a requirement of the landlord to make the property safe and not easy for burglars to enter – on the subject of draughts, which of course will affect heating bills (I had this problem myself) I found being firm but fair works in one’s favor. You have to remember this is their property, and it is down to them to look after it, keep it in good condition to obtain good tenants and a good rent. If after three times of approaching the subject and you’re still being ignored, then I would step it up. Most solicitors will give a free 20 minute advice consultation, or just tell your landlord you will take it further if no response to your concerns over safety of the door, the draughts may be second priority then you will take legal advice. I’m afraid private landlords don’t provide homes, and although today it’s going to be announced the banning of letting agents fees, they need to go further. Buy to let for profit needs to be slowed right down, as most of the property “buy to lets” are at the lower end of the housing market where they are needed for people to get some security of buying a home whether young or old. Good luck!

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