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Landlord unlawfully used my details for water bill

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This is a rather random situation and hence I was not sure about which section to post on.

So, I was living with my landlord for around 6 months, having rented the room though an agency. After those 6 months his house was repossessed and hence I had to move out.

Found another place, and a few months down the line I received a letter from Southern Waters charging me for a water bill for the address where I’d be living previously!!! Two weeks later, after I’d forgotten to contact the company explaining my situation, I received another letter regarding the same issue, but this time from a debt collector.

I obviously do not intend to pay for it and having contacted the debt collectors and explained my situation I was told that all I needed was to send them a copy of my letting contract, which even if I do not find it I am sure I can get it from the letting agent.

I am just wondering what anybody else in position would do, as my former landlord obviously committed an act of crime against me.

Thanks for your attention,




I suppose this would be a form of identity fraud but if you don’t suffer any loss as a result of it then you might have a hard time making a claim against the former landlord. If you manage to successfully stop the water people pursuing you and you don’t have to pay them anything then you’ve suffered no loss. It’s probably worth reporting the landlord to the Shelter rogue landlords campaign but as for the rest it depends what you’re looking to achieve by taking action against the landlord.


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