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Landlord unreasonable deposit charge

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Hi all,

I have recently moved out from a 3 bedroom flat, During the period of tenancy 2 years and 2 months we place some blue tak on 3 wall in the house and it has leaves some marks there thats need to be redecorate. 

Our deposit is 1200 

After i have moved out and use landlord recommended cleaning company to clean the flat, after 12 days of inventory check out reported are produced, I Have recieved an email from landlord asking for 2700 pound for the whole flat damage cause by tenants. 

1. Removal of additional furniture and debris etc…                                     £120.00
2. Complete redecoration of the apartment including repairs to 
walls and removal of blu tak etc…                                                                £1200.00
3. Replacement of carpets – unable to clean or repair 
including cigarette burns etc… ( 50% of actual cost )                                 £450.00
4. Water damage to upstand in kitchen plus chipped drawer                    £75.00
5. Bathroom shower screen broken plus damage to wall tiles               £165.00
6. Electrics – check and replace all bulbs as required                                 £85.00
7. Replacement set of keys ( not returned )                                                   £15.00
Totals                                                                                                                 £2110.00


Before i had a chance to quote for a job price or done it myself but receiving an invoice of 2110 + water charges 600

After tenant and landlord has meet up to try to solve this issues.

Landlord offer tenant 1200 deposit and pay my water charges and then case closes, however Tenants do not agree with his claim therefore we dispute it.

Today i received an email from landlord asking about the remainning balance, What is my next step? should i ignore them for the moment until the ADR has made an decisions?


Yes, I think you need to make the point that the amount of the remaining balance will be decided by the ADR so both parties need to wait for that to be concluded first.

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