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Landlord visits to property

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I’m in long term rental of nearly 13 years, with a new two year tennancy just signed. Within my rental the front and back gardens have always been tended by a gardener ( the garden is large) paid by the landord. The property is family owned – and my original landlord died last year, so now the son is my landord. He now wants to do the garden himself three times a month for period April-October 31, but coming to my home at no specific set times or days as the gardener has always done over the 13 years. As lovely as the family are ( new landlord) I feel it is somewhat intrusive especially as he intends doing the maintenance on the property himself as well – where it’s always been letting agent managed. Do I have any rights not to see my landlord at my home so often? I don’t feel this is like being able to live in peace. Some advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Suzanne

Your landlord – or anyone working for them, including people doing maintenance etc – always has to give you 24 hours notice. This should be in your tenancy agreement and is also part of landlord and tenant law. When they give you 24 hours notice you can say if it’s not convenient and agree an alternative time that is more convenient. Often your tenancy may say that you only need to allow access for repairs, rather than just maintenance (look at the tenancy). The only situation in which a landlord doesn’t need your permission – or to give notice – is an emergency like a burst pipe.

Many landlords don’t understand that a tenancy agreement gives the tenant exclusive possesion of the property until the tenancy ends – this means that if the landlord is there without permission and has not given notice they are tresspassing (you can sue a landlord for tresspass). If they’re showing up all the time without permission then it could be harassment.

While you don’t want relations with the landlord to turn sour you are well within your rights to insist that they give you notice, that set days are agreed in advance for the work the landlord wants to do and that these days are reasonably spread apart to minimise disturbance to you.


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