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Landlord visits/letting agent inspections

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My landlord is good so I’m lucky in that aspect. However, he visits every 8-12 weeks. He lets me know in advance that he’s coming and as he is so pleasant I find it difficult to refuse. He therefore visits at least 7 times per year and the letting agent inspects twice per year. There are no issues with rent or maintenance in the property and I feel so many visits by my landlord are unnecessary. Am I within my rights to ask him to visit less often? I know he will be unhappy with the request but I have a busy life and find it somewhat intrusive. 

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Not sure, I think it seems a little excessive, but I inspect reguarly, if I can’t my managing agent will.  I’ve been caught out before so I make sure that my properties are inspected reguarly now.  I go once a quarter and they go every couple of months


Thanks for the reply Phil, this is the landlords only rental property and I’m in my third year of occupancy with no issues. I can’t find anything in my contract that says I can decline his meeting requests – he’s not even inspecting the property when he visits. It’s just a visit. I’m guessing I have to keep going along with it to maintain a friendly relationship. 


I was going to ask a similar question. I rent through a letting agent but in the 18 months I have been renting this house he has asked to “pop round” a few times.  We have had 2 house inspections since moving in, no problems. The last one was in June. I got an email from the letting agent today saying the landlord would like to  come round to “check a few things in the property.”  She didn’t say what he wanted to check so I emailed back and asked what he’s checking. I am really busy at the moment and have a family funeral to attend in the next few days but don’t know what day yet, so am a bit stressed anyway and I don’t like the idea that someone is wanting to check up on me. I feel like we can never treat this as our home, constantly being reminded that it’s not. 
I know legally as long as they give reasonable notice you can’t refuse access, but there must be a line drawn somewhere as tenants are entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment.’

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