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Landlord walked into my room while I was asleep with no notice

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i rent a room in a shared house in London. Our landlord is an agency but they run it like Cowboys and I’ve had a number of issues with them. 

The lock on my door doesn’t work and the other day two men from the agency barged into my room while I was asleep in bed. 

They also did the same to my female housemates room. As she said at the time she could have been naked and faced with a situation where 2 men she doesn’t know are stood in her small bedroom.

I have emailed the agency about this and they have replied admitting that this happened and apologised. 

However because of their general attitude and negligence in other areas in inclined to see if I have a case for legal action in the civil courts for this particular instance. 

What do people think? Is it worth pursuing this? I wouldn’t usually consider suing anyone but this agency have been a nightmare for a while now. 


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